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Wawa Food Market #106

 - Eat - Philadelphia

Wawa is your all-day, everyday stop for fresh, Built-To-Order® foods and beverages, coffee, fuel services, and surcharge-free ATMs.
Wawa, Inc., a privately held company, began in 1803 as an iron foundry in New Jersey. Toward the end of the 19th Century, owner George Wood took an interest in dairy farming and the family began a small processing plant in Wawa, Pa, in 1902. The milk business was a huge success, due to its quality, cleanliness and “certified” process. As home delivery of milk declined in the early 1960’s, Grahame Wood, George’s grandson, opened the first Wawa Food Market in 1964 as an outlet for dairy products. Today, Wawa operates more than 560 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.
Wawa is your all-day, every day stop for a large selection of fresh, Built-To-Order® foods and beverages, award-winning coffee, fuel services, and surcharge-free ATMs. When it’s quality and convenience you need, you gottahava Wawa.

Latest Reviews (5)

Like there pumpkin spice hot coffee!!
November 14, 2012
Everytime i come here there is something missing from my sandwich. Three strikes your out. I am done with this wawa.
October 7, 2012
Always some new workin here. What's the turnover rate at this place and is it really that bad workin here??? Lol
April 22, 2011
pretzels and cookies r my favorite. or a 1/2 gal. of icetea
December 1, 2010
My fave Wawa unless Bubba is workin.
October 1, 2010


Thursday, 24 May, 2012 6:16

the amazing josh

I'm at Wawa Food Market #106 (Philadelphia, PA)

Wednesday, 23 May, 2012 1:00


I'm at Wawa Food Market #106 (Philadelphia, PA)

Friday, 18 May, 2012 21:51

the amazing josh

Hydrate you bastard (@ Wawa Food Market #106)

Tuesday, 08 May, 2012 15:13


Out & about with my mommy  #bestfriends