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Clifton's Cafeteria

 - Eat - Los Angeles

Latest Reviews (25)

Gonna be hard to eat here its gone
December 19, 2012
because if you live in L.A. and you've never been to Clifton's you can't say you really live in L.A.
April 2, 2012
Best Banquet Hall, August 2011 - There’s no rental fee, just the cost of the food, which follows the old-school model: hand-carved roast beef, velvety mac and cheese.
March 19, 2012 Old School....been going here since I was a kid in platforms..heehee! Great place to take the fam for a mini history lesson.
March 18, 2012
Clifton's is closed since November 2011 and they say they are remodeling. I want them to reopen soon!
January 23, 2012
Its closed for 6 to 9 months :(
October 9, 2011
Great retro ambience solid cafeteria comfort fare
September 3, 2011
They have amazing chocolate chunk walnut cookies are available at the bakery.
September 2, 2011
This place rocks, looks like the Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, CA
August 26, 2011
Sunday morning chilaquiles!!
June 19, 2011
Clifton's is known for its cafeteria-style food and quirky decor, but don't forget that they've got a bakery for to-go pies and pastries.
April 27, 2011
[Same stale recipes] since 1931.
April 27, 2011
It's like being a lumberjack.
April 17, 2011
Jalapeño and cheese on "bolillo" bread. Woo!
April 7, 2011
Now open until 10pm!
April 4, 2011
Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary at Clifton's... get a RR mug and a t shirt from Big Ed's.
February 13, 2011
Awesome Mac & Cheese! Old school, very cool.
November 8, 2010
Such an odd place. I love to get dessert here and people watch.
June 6, 2010
When the crazy old lady with the fake fur coat and runny eye liner offers you a seat, don't be afraid to run.
May 13, 2010
Don't miss the museum on the third floor. Also, be sure to check out the chapel and push the button inside to hear Clifton's founder Clifford Clinton read a parable about redwood trees to you.
May 10, 2010
Quite a sight to see for the LA-afficionados. The only restaurant downtown with a waterfall. Awesome old LA pics.
March 18, 2010
Visit as part of the LA Bizarro route.
February 5, 2010
Order the french dip Sandwich... It's not on the menu, but it's better than Philippes!
January 12, 2010
Visit Clifton's for breakfast -- awesome Sunday morning when there' no traffic. Then, walk of the calories around the area to see great examples of architecture.
November 6, 2009
Go to Cliftons for a 1940's kitch time-warp and classic to-die-for cafeteria faire. Your oasis if you work downtown.
October 13, 2009


Wednesday, 23 May, 2012 20:51


Agreed, but u better not be wearing crocs. RT @RiFFRaFF_SODMG: LOVE = STAYiNG MARRiED TO SOMEONE .... EVEN AFTRER THEY HAVE LOST THEiR SWAG